Keep an eye on tomorrow

Constantly keeping an eye on tomorrow, Ulpia Ventures welcomes first time entrepreneurs, serial entrepreneurs, high performing students, award-winning teams and products, members of the Academic environment. We are also looking to partner with cyber security experts, early stage tech startups, listed Cyber and Data Management companies, Series A Level deep tech startups, spin-offs from large organizations, incubated teams and Academic research project spinoffs.

From ideas to meaningful projects

We empower experts deciding to transform side projects into proper technology houses by allowing them a part-time initial interaction with our team, followed by designing the next steps for a full immersion into a fully operational organization. We are a perfect match for innovators from large organizations that want to transform their ideas into real projects.

We aim to make them dare to innovate and jump out of their comfort zones, by preparing the ground for a functional company. We match brilliant minds as we are strong believers in the power of a team of teams. Our practical experience can prove others performance can be achieved, when hard work meets passion and capital. We’ve lived it, now we’re sharing it.

Reaching new heights

Right from the start we've offered strong support to innovators, people who want to leave their mark and make a change for the better. Our strategic goal is to become a strong supporter of state-of-the-art technologies and teams. The functional structure provided by Ulpia is aimed at building strong roots so that international growth, further financing and expansion will be built on a functional, mature team.

By adopting this approach, we are minimising the chances of failure for the founding team, allowing them to proudly go and fight on the international scale. Because by teaming up we can and by supporting we will, as everything is here for us to succeed.

Ulpia Labs

Incubation is part of our growth process. We have a dedicated team of experts and tech entrepreneurs that can help a deep tech start up escape the gravity of smallness.

Having practical experience and a vast network in the ecosystem, our Team can help brilliant founders focus on results and applied innovation.

We select high performing teams with deep technologies and give them access to our vast network and expertise.

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