Great minds think alike. You can rely on the proven experience of our experts to refine your brilliant idea or project even further and take it to the next level.


Protect your most important asset - personal or company data - against cyberthreats.

Quantum Computing

Discover how quantum information could lead to a better understanding of the principles of all quantum systems.

Intelligent Data Management

Efficiently manage unstructured data throughout its lifecycle with analytics, intelligence, and the best tools available.

Listed Big Tech

We help you get in touch with some of the world's most important tech companies, benefitting your business.


We solve real life problems and respond to business demands by making blockchain adoption affordable, fast and easy.

Artificial Intelligence

Delve deeper into the amazing world of AI, where machines adjust to new inputs and perform human-like tasks.

Health Tech

Harness powerful and innovative technologies to solve important health problems and improve the quality of our lives.

Cloud Computing

Reduce costs and improve efficiency by accessing a variety of applications and data from any location worldwide.

Our Investment Strategy

Ulpia Ventures investment strategy covers the entire spectrum of a company’s growth, from supporting innovation and start-ups in developing markets to funding early-stage companies in well-established markets. The combined experience of our experts proves valuable at any stage of the development process – from inception to IPO and beyond – as we help visionaries bring their brilliant ideas to the market.

When it comes to investing, we are constantly looking at projects from all over the world. The United States, Europe, Asia-Pacific, and the Middle East are some of the markets where we’ve found great ideas waiting to receive the right support and make an impact on the global scale. We are constantly expanding our reach, always looking at new markets where opportunities await.